World Refugee Day Mass

On October 24th 2013, St. Mary’s Cathedral of Calgary Alberta held a mass and reception in honor of refugees around the world. In addition to the Geez Rite Church, other Churches who participated in the event were: Maronite Catholic Church and the Vietnamese Catholic Church. At present, several refugees are dispersed around the world, often putting their lives in a very risky and unsafe situation, in search for peace, freedom and security.
His Excellency Bishop Fredrick Henry of the diocese of Calgary led prayer and mass. The event was also comprised of traditional Eritrean song and prayer (Shebshebo). All the Eritrean members were dressed in their traditional (Eritrean) outfits and performed songs such as “Mary you are the hope”, a prayer/song describing Mary’s role of being the hope of God’s people.
Most of the members who participated in this event where victims of displacement and were themselves refugees at one point, this made the event very special to most of our members. Overall, the event demonstrated that the Church does not only focus on its current location, rather cares and prays for the peace and well-being of those that are forgotten and suffering.
Geez Rite Church would like to thank his Excellency Bishop Fredrick Henry and the Calgary Catholic Diocese for giving us the opportunity to showcase our traditional way of worship and for showing support towards our people and all refugees throughout the world.


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